Launching clientdb

Monday, 18 July 2022

Fetching and updating data is the core of every modern web application. Managing the global state of an app while updating every individual component on data changes is not easy, yet a crucial part to building an interactive and bug-free application.

Managing state and data updates has always fallen on the shoulders of the engineers. The industry has suggested lots of solutions on the last few decades: REST, GraphQL, Soap, gRPC etc. All of these are powerful, but come with a large burden of implementing both the server side and client side implementations to serve and fetch data.

To solve the burden of having to write a lot of server-side code for interacting with the database, there are many modern solutions that simplify that task for the engineer. There are modern database clients such as Firebase, Mongo Realm Web SDK, Prisma for backend solutions, Hasura for creating a GraphQL server and many more. We considered all of these solutions while building Acapela and could not find a perfect fit for our needs.

This is why we decided to build our own client-side database, which would enable us to build our application in the fastest manner without having to think about writing data-fetching code with every new feature. Today, we are launching clientdb as an open-sourced project so that other software teams could also build high-end web applications using the best tool for the job.

clientdb is an in-memory database, that takes care of syncing updates to the cloud and every other connected client out-of-the-box. It allows engineers to build real-time applications without having to think about writing server-side data code again.

This is just the very first version of clientdb. Many more features will follow to make it the best solution for building high-scalable, secure and real-time web applications. Our mission is to make it the go-to tool for building the cutting edge products.

If you are excited about what we are building, try out the framework on your own project and star us on GitHub to stay up to date with future updates!

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